Wednesday, 21 September 2016

British voters do not regret backing Brexit 

British voters do not regret backing Brexit and do not want a second referendum on EU membership, said a leading polls expert  Wednesday as he presented the results of a new study.

Professor John Curtice of Glasgow’s Strathclyde University analysed a series of polls since the June 23 referendum when 52 percent voted to leave the European Union.

“We remain divided three months on — very few minds have been changed,” he told a briefing in London.

He also said that people were now adjusting their expectations over pledges during the campaign to cut immigration and reallocate funds to the National Health Service which currently go to the EU.

“Before the referendum, over half the public expected the level of immigration to fall as a consequence of Brexit,” Curtice said. “Now, that number has fallen to around 45 percent.”

Asked what they expected of Brexit, most Britons mentioned the end of freedom of movement but also continued access to the single market.

“The European leaders including European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker insist that the will not accept limits on the free movement of people, a core EU principle, in any deal that allows Britain access to the single market.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government contains both supporters of a “hard” Brexit which would involve severing ties with EU institutions and those who would prefer a “soft” departure that could involve continued access to the single market.

May says she will not trigger the formal process for leaving the EU before the end of this year.

Triggering Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty would begin a two-year countdown to actual Brexit.


husband tells the court that his his is a thief.

 Livinus Uwa, A 42-year-old businessman, told the Igando Customary Court in Lagos that he wife whomm he married is a  thief. Uwa made this known when he testified in his divorce petition against his wife, Chineye, on Wednesday in Lagos.

He begged the court to dissolve his four-year-old marriage to his wife Chineye because of her behaviour for stealing his money in the wardrobe. “I married a thief, on severally occasions, my wife stole my money from my wardrobe, rendering me broke. The last time she burgled my room and stole N350, 000. “I reported the theft at the police station and she confessed to the theft, but the money was not recovered, “I have reported all her behaviours of stealing habits to both families, they called her but she refused to change,’’ he said. The petitioner accused his wife, who failed to appear in court after several summonses of abandonment, adding that since they married, Chineye had been appearing and disappearing.

“When she was pregnant, she left the house to an unknown place and came back after she was delivered of the baby. “She abandoned our baby when she was 10-month-old; I have to engage a baby sitter to take care of her. When the baby was two years, I enrolled her in school and my wife reappeared, he said. He described his estranged wife as a lazy and dirty woman, adding that “Chineye is lazy, she cannot cook, wash or sweep and I do the house chores. Uwa pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage, since he could no longer condone her stealing habits, adding that he was no longer in love with her. In his judgment, President of the court,

 Mr Adegboyega Omilola, dissolved the marriage. Omilola held that it was obvious from available testimony and the respondent’s refusal to appear in court that the marriage had hit the rock. He said throughout the duration of this case, the respondent refused to honour court summon, adding that the court had no other choice than to dissolve the marriage. “The marriage between Livinus Chineye and Uwa. both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free to go their separate ways without any hindrances and molestation,’’ Omilola said.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

India Business man who owns 22 apartments in the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa wants to buy more

For someone to own one apartment in the world's tallest building would be impressive. But to own upto 22 apartment, Is a jaw dropping and amazing.

Well it is a real life story! Indian businessman George V. Nereaparambil is the very man who owns more than his fair share of the 900 apartments in the Burj Khalifa. He is thought to be one of the biggest private owners within the building, but he says will not stopping at 22.

"If I get a good deal, I'll buy more. I am a dreamer and I never stop dreaming," he tells Khaleej Times from one of his apartments in the iconic Dubai landmark.
With lavish gold decor covering the walls, floors and ceilings, the apartment is a good match for George himself.

Sharply dressed in a silver-toned suit with bright white shoes, he is every bit the successful businessman he portrays: Passionate, hardworking, but humble down to his core. George's impressive property resume all came about when a friend teased him about the 828-metre building.
A relative of mine jokingly told me: See this Burj Khalifa, you cannot enter it."
But George did more than enter it. After seeing an advertisement in a newspaper about an apartment for rent in the building, the Kerala-born businessman got straight on the phone.
"That very same day, I rented the apartment, and the next day I was living in it. That was in 2010."

Now, six years on with 22 apartments under his belt, he said five are rented, and as for the rest, he's "waiting for the right tenant". George first touched down in Sharjah back in 1976. The visit marked his first trip outside of India, but the expat was far from a naïve newcomer.
After realising there was huge scope for an air conditioning business in the hot climate of the desert, the mechanic-turned-businessman went about setting up the beginnings of his now mini empire, GEO Group of Companies. But this wasn't his first taste of life as a businessman.

At the age of 11, George would regularly help his father trade cash crops.

Tasked with the job of transporting the materials to the market and bargaining with the traders, he juggled all this while still at school. With a taste for independent trading, the then young boy set up his own little side business too, making money from waste.
"People in my hometown used to trade cotton, but they'd throw away the cotton seeds. Not many people knew at that time that you could make gum from those seeds."

Sifting through the dirt and sand to gather up the disregarded seeds, George said he'd often make a "90 per cent profit selling them on".
"I'd do the same with tamarind seeds too. I'd sell the empty shells on as cattle feed."
A true rags to riches story, George has not let his success get to his head - nor the fact that he owns a huge chunk of one of the world's most popular landmarks.

For me, learning is the biggest wealth. I continue to learn every day, this is my biggest success. People should dream, people should learn, and then people will achieve."
From as young as 11, George has been a champion of utilising waste.
His next big plan is to build a canal from Trivandrum to Kasarakod, and he's inviting others to step forward and help make his dream a reality.
"This canal will give back to nature. Whatever water will come from the forest nearby, we will produce electricity from it. We will also use the water to cultivate vegetables, and I plan to section off a small part of it so that fisherman can cultivate fish. We will also use the slurry as fertiliser.
"My hobby is to buy land and I want to make use of every single part of that canal."

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Federal government can’t train rescued Chibok girls in U.S  –Minister.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has said it can’t afford to training 10 Chibok girls taken to the United States by some  Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)  and individuals and now stranded.
The 10 girls were among the 57 Chibok school girls that have escaped from Boko Haram few days after their abduction by the insurgents on April 14, 2014.
Minister for Women Affairs and Social Development, Senator Aishatu Alhassan told newsmen at a briefing in Maiduguri yesterday that her ministry was inundated with requests to intervene in the academic careers of the 15 Chibok girls taken to the US by some individuals and NGOs with the consent of their parents.

“These girls were among those that escaped from Boko Haram after their abduction. Those who took them to the U.S did so, on a private arrangement. The Federal Government was not involved and we learnt that these girls were not  going to school over there at the moment. We waded in when we learnt the girls were being used to solicit for donations in the U.S.

“This prompted the president to permit me to meet with their parents to discuss the way forward because I have told them the reality on ground now; that this government cannot afford the cost of their educations in the U.S now in view of the present economic reality,” Alhassan told newsmen shortly after meeting with the parents in Maiduguri Government House on Thursday night.

She said her interactions with the parents and guardians of Chibok girls revealed that a total of 15 Chibok girls were taken to the us

“From my discussions with the parents, I discovered five who had gone earlier to the U.S are getting along with their studies while the Murtala Foundation (named after the late Head of State, Gen Murtala Mohammed), has agreed to sponsor five,” she explained. She said two out of the remaining five girls were with a white man, while three are with a lawyer who had written the Federal Ministry of Women affairs, informing it of the girls condition.
She said government could not finance their education because of the current economic condition in the country now, but assured it would facilitate sponsorship through some NGOs and international donors.

Genevieve Nnaji arrives Canada in style for TIFF 

Genevieve Nnaji arrived Toronto, Canada few hours ago for the Toronto International Film Festival. She shared a photo of herself at the airport in a lovely black dress .

Genevieve is scheduled to speak about Nigeria’s vibrant film industry and the international rise of Nollywood alongside film director Kunle Afolayan tomorrow Sunday September 11th.

Stephanie Linus & her husband seen at a movie premier

Actress and producer Stephanie Linus and her husband Linus Idahosa seen at the star-studded premier of Nollywood Film Director  Chinedu Omorie's new movie - Silvertown, which took place recently at the Silverbird Galleria, Lagos.

Kim Kardashian Goes out with her boobs on display again

Kim Kardashain goes  out again  wearing a La Perla lingerie top without a bra

To continuing her 'no bra wearing' campaign.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

INEC Chairman Reacts To Allegation of ‘Inconclusive’ Elections

The Independent National Election Commission, (INEC) has dismissed insinuations that all elections conducted since the assumption of office of the current chairman of the commission, Mahmood Yakubu, have been inconclusive.
The commission said it conducted 139 elections which were concluded.
Image result for inec chairman
The reaction was contained in a press statement signed and issued Tuesday by the acting secretary to the commission, Musa Adamu, in response to a statement credited to the outgoing president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Augustine Alegeh.
Mr. Alegeh reportedly made the remarks at the opening of the Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, on Sunday, 21st August 2016.
“Mr. Alegeh was reported to have rebuked the Commission for having conducted one hundred and thirty six (136) inconclusive elections in the past one year under the watch of Professor Mahmood Yakubu,” the statement said.
“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) seldom takes issues with members of the public. But the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) is a highly distinguished and respected and respected person.
Besides, he represents a knowledgeable and influential constituency. His pronouncements are therefore weighty and could pass for the gospel truth.”
The statement said: “The Commission has thus far concluded 139 elections (118 at first ballot and 21 after supplementary) out of a total of 163 scheduled elections and that 22 elections were suspended due to violence while 2 elections are sub-judice”.
“This shows that 72.3 percent of the elections were concluded at the first ballot, 21.8 percent of the inconclusive elections were concluded after supplementary; 1.2 percent are pending; while 13.4 percent were suspended in Rivers state due to violence.”
The commission said Mr. Alegeh’s pronouncement was “ill informed”, “misplaced and undeserved”.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

SHOCKING: Japanese Man Stabs Son To Death Over Exam Preparation

A Japanese man, Kengo Satake, has been arrested by the police for stabbing his son to death, over the latter's failure to prepare well for his examinations.

The son, Ryota, was reportedly stabbed repeatedly on the chest, an action that unfortunately led to his death after so much blood loss.
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Satake confessed his crime to the police, stating that he stabbed the boy due to his refusal to study for an entrance examination at a private high school.
“I stabbed him as he did not study”, he said.

Joe Hart angry over Maltreatment of Man City

Joe Hart is angry over the way he's been treated by Manchester City.
The Daily Mail says Hart, a sudden-outcast, believes new boss Pep Guardiola decided that he was going to replace him before the end of last season.
Image for the news result
And he feels that by not informing him of his future earlier, the club he has spent a decade with has severely damaged his chance of a move elsewhere in this transfer window.
While publicly keeping his counsel, Hart has privately told friends that he should have been made aware of the situation before the start of the summer – which would have given himself and his agent time to find a new club – and that he thinks City chose not to sell him for fear of showing their hand and risking the price of goalkeeping targets rocketing as a result.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

DONE DEAL: German Messi leaves Chelsea for Olympiakos berth

The German Messi, Marko Marin has left Chelsea for Olympiakos after signing a three-year deal with the Greek side.

Image result for marko marin
The 27-year-old's move away from London was confirmed on Tuesday after Marin underwent a medical at Olympiakos a day earlier.

Marin, who can play as both a winger and a central midfielder, signed forChelsea from German club Werder Bremen for £6.5million in 2012.

Nigerian Air Force killed 300 Boko Haram with intensifies aerial bombings

The Nigerian Air Force on Tuesday said it killed about 300 Boko Haram members during a recent aerial bombardments of terrorist locations in the North-East of Nigeria.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, the Director of Public Relations and Information for the Air Force, Ayodele Famuyiwa, said in a statement via emailed that the killing of the terrorists recorded  “another major success in the on-going counter-insurgency and counter terrorism operations against the Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) sect in the North East.”
Mr. Famuyiwa said, “The current phase of intensified air operations over Northern Borno paid-off on the night of 19 August 2016 when the NAF, during an air attack, killed about 300 BHTs who had gathered to hold a meeting at a location between Malam Fatori and own troops location at Kangarwa.
“Prior to this fateful day the NAF, on 16 August 2016, had commenced series of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions to corroborate human intelligence that key BHT commanders gather at the said location to hold meeting at night.
“The objective of the on-going operation, as usual, is to degrade the capability of the insurgents, particularly those who have fled to the northern part of Borno.”

Chelsea to include Obi Mikel in bid for Inter Milan midfielder Brozovic

Chelsea are ready to make a swap offer for Inter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic.
Brozovic is being put up for sale by Inter, which are seeking €30 million for the midfielder. They hope to sell to fund a deal for Sporting CP star Joao Mario.
Arsenal have made enquiries, but have failed to follow up.

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Meanwhile, Italian sources say Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is keen, though not at Inter's asking price.
Instead, Chelsea hope to drive down the cash component by including John Obi Mikel in their bid.
Obi Mikel has just won bronze at the Rio Olympics with Nigeria and admits he needs to speak with Conte about where he stands.
"I will go back to see the manager [Antonio Conte] and see what his plans are for me," he said.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Boko Haram strikes again near Chibok, killed not less than 11

A Boko Haram attack on Kuburvwa village of Borno State has left at least 11 people dead.
Residents of the agrarian community said they buried 11 corpses on Monday after the Sunday evening attack. Several women and girls living in the community, close to Chibok were over 200 girls were kidnapped in 2014, are also yet to be accounted for.

Image result for boko haram

A local security operative, who craved anonymity for safety reasons, told the News that “many women, mostly married, were raped while others were taken away by the gunmen”.
The spokesperson of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Abbas Gava, confirmed the attack to journalists in Maiduguri.
“The attack took place in Kuburvwa village which is located between Chibok and Damboa towns. According to reports we received from our operatives in that area, the Boko Haram gunmen invaded the village at night on Sunday and began to shoot.
“Many women, including house wives, were raped by the gunmen who also killed at least 11 persons.
“According to our men, who called us from Chibok, many people that fled the village into the bushes have not returned to the community as at Monday morning.”

DELSU: University Dismisses 6 Lecturers For Sexual Scandal

The University Governing Council of the Delta State University, Abraka, at its 97th regular meeting, has recommended the dismissal of six lecturers from the institution for sexual harassment of female students.

Delta State University (DELSU)

This is following the findings of a disciplinary committee which was set up to investigate their involvement in harassment scandal.
Eddy Agbure, the Public Relations Officer of the school gave a confirmation of the incident in a statement, Daily Post reports.
He mentioned that four other lecturers were demoted and received various queries for their roles, in addition to the sacked lecturers.
Other inappropriate conduct exhibited by the lecturers include financial extortion for marks, leaking of examination questions and corrupt offences.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Followership lessons from the hunter’s dog

How can one who has never served in any capacity or at any level, understand what it means to be a servant leader?
Most training courses and motivational materials are replete with leadership counsel and tips, but not all focus on the basic ingredient of leadership, which is FOLLOWERSHIP.
I read a statement somewhere, which said: “He, who should lead amongst you, should first be the chief servant”.
How can one who has never served in any capacity or at any level understand what it means to be a servant leader?
Who is a follower? A follower is someone who ardently pursues the principle or vision of a given society or organization with an intention.
The following are some attributes of an ardent follower.
1. He shows appreciation to his leaders without expecting anything in return:
In today’s world of quick gratification, this might sound strange because naturally, man is selfish. If you disagree, I want to ask you a question, if your kid and a stranger are trapped in a burning house, who will you rescue first?
2. Loyalty: As a follower, your loyalty is to your leader. In an organization for instance, It is your duty to find out the vision and mission of the organization and what is expected of you, then you gear up yourself to fit into the big picture and add value to the organization.
 Loyalty also has to do with making positive impact. Sadly, today, you hardly find loyal staff. People work for pay and not with passion. If you are passionate about the organization where you work, you will stay and give your best even when you are not being paid. Let’s do a loyalty test.
If your employer stops paying you today or cuts your salary by 50% due to economic hardship, will you still put in the same amount of work, like when you were paid? If your answer is yes, well done. If not fuel your passion.
3. Obedience: Obedience is a matter of choice. It is the conscious conditioning of the human mind and spirit to conform to the laid down rules and regulations of a given society or organization. Obedience can be based on incentives.
4. He is trustworthy: As a follower, or an employee, can your boss trust you to do your job when he is not around? Does he trust you to fly the flag of the organization high anywhere you go? Or does he need to issue threats of sack or offer you incentives before you perform?
Trust is a basic factor of life. Trust is earned. You have to prove yourself worthy to be trusted. Can the society or the organization trust you with its finances?
5. He is a defender: An ardent follower is always ready to defend the integrity of his nation, organization or employer anywhere you go. Do not be the one to tear down the fabrics of your organization or nation with your words or actions.
Be ready to defend the integrity of your country especially, when it will cost you something. By defending the integrity, I mean being a symbol of what your country or organization stands for.
6. Relationship Builder: Effective communication is a requirement for fostering cordial relationships in every sphere of life. Respect begets respect, criticism begets resentment.
Respectfully air your views and constructively communicate your disagreement. Disagreements, if properly handled will not degenerate to arguments.
Always smile when presenting your points. A smiling face calms a boiling heart. When you smile, you send a signal of peace to your body system and to those listening to you. Also, watch your body language, it can send the wrong signals.
Thank you for finding time to read.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Let us continue this conversation onTwitter: @LeadershipKlass.
Till I come your way again, LEAD WITH PURPOSE!

"Whatever success I may have..." - Anna Held

"Whatever success I may have attained is due to the fact that since I was old enough to work at all, my ambition has never deserted me." - Anna Held.
Helene Anna Held (19 March 1872 – 12 August 1918), known professionally as Anna Held, was a Polish-born French stage performer and singer, most often associated with impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, her common-law husband.
Anna Heldplay
Anna Held
Helene Anna Held (19 March 1872 – 12 August 1918), known professionally as Anna Held, was a Polish-born French stage performer and singer. 
Born in Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire, she was the daughter of a German-Jewish glove maker, Shimmle(aka Maurice) Held, and his French-Jewish wife, Yvonne Pierre.
Sources of her year of birth range from 1865 to 1873, but 1872 has been accepted in general. In 1881, antisemitic pogroms forced the family to flee to Paris, France.
When her father's glovemaking business failed, he found work as a janitor, while her mother operated a kosher restaurant.
Anna Heldplay
Anna Held

Held began working in the garment industry, then found work as a singer in Jewish theatres in Paris and, later, after her father's death, London, where her roles included the title role in a production by Jacob Adler of Abraham Goldfaden'sShulamith; she was also in Goldfaden's ill-fated Paris troupe, whose cashier stole their money before they ever played publicly.
As a young woman in France, Held converted to Roman Catholicism. She remained so the rest of her life, and declined even to acknowledge her Jewish heritage.